Compressor hermetic unit is intended for work with the climate system refrigerating. It purpose is replacing of railcar conditioner compressor type MAB II made by Germany. This unit can be replaced in depot or overhaul plants conditions.


Unit type

Steam freon refrigerator machine with hermetic compressor


С10М1 ТУ2412-003-3283395-98(can use freon R12 GOST 19212-73)

Lube oil

ХФ 12-16 ГОСТ 5546-80(can use ХМ 35 ТУ38.401442-83 or its analogs)

Variable frequency range of cold-productivity

16…32,6 kW

DC supply voltage (operating range )

98…170 V

Power consumption (environment temperature 40°С, relative humidity 30%), no more

14 kW

Environment temperature (active status)

+15…+45 °С

Environment temperature (inactive status)

-60…+50 °С

Total weight, no more