Converter PSB is intended for supply direct current consumers (voltage 28 V) in municipal electric transport stock. It is constant-voltage power supply with the maximum current limiting. Its output characteristic make possible to synchronous supply of on-board consumers and battery charging. Control range and accuracy of effective value make possible normal operation with alkaline (Ni-Cd or Ni-Fe) or unattended (hermetic) acid accumulator.


Rated supply voltage

550 V

Range of supply voltage long-term changing

350…850 V

Amplitude of permissible overvoltage(3 ms) pulse

2500 V

Supply current (rated load, rated supply voltage)

11 A

Rated output voltage

28,5 V

Accuracy of output voltage

±0,5 V

Rated output current

180 A

Max. current

190 A

Efficiency (rated duty), no lees


Overall dimensions

521х448х320 mm

Total weight, no more