PKT (coverter) is intended for supply the steering booster asynchronous drive of trolleybus, for supply low-voltage consumers of direct current 28V and for battery charging.  PKT is providing supply the steering booster asynchronous drive from battery during 10 second, when the trolley line voltage is disappearing or dropping below permissible limit. That makes it possible to do trolleybus maneuver.


Rated supply voltage

550 V

Range of supply voltage long-term changing

350…900 V

Amplitude of permissible overvoltage pulse (3 sec -6)

2500 V


Output voltage (setting “summer”)

28.5 V

Output voltage (setting “winter”)

29.5 V

Rated continuous output current

85 A

Short-time current (duty rating 10%)

125 A

Charging mode current

17 A

OUTPUT CHANEL (3 phase, 380 V) DATAS

Rated output linear voltage

380 V

Rated output current

17 A