Onboard static converter PSB 550/28

The on-board static converter PSB 550/28 (hereinafter referred to as PSB) is designed for installation in urban electric transport vehicles and for supplying 28 V DC consumers. The PSB output is a stabilized voltage source with maximum current limitation. The output characteristic of the PSB provides power to on-board consumers with simultaneous charging (recharging) of the battery. The range of regulation and the accuracy of maintaining the set values ​​ensure the possibility of normal operation with both alkaline (nickel-cadmium or nickel-iron) and maintenance-free (sealed) acid batteries.


  • Onboard static converter PSB 550/28
Type of input current DC
Rated input voltage, V 550
Long-term permissible operating range of input voltage, V 350...850
Permissible pulse amplitude (3 μs) overvoltage, V 2500
Current consumption at rated load and rated input voltage, A 7,5
Rated output voltage, V 28,5
Output voltage setting range, V 22…30
Output voltage maintenance accuracy, V ±0,5
Rated output current, A 125
Current limit current, A 150
Efficiency in nominal mode, % (not less than) 86
Overall dimensions, mm 520х440х340
Weight, kg (no more) 38